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August 2020

May 2017

Spring was wetter than last winter but yet a busy time was had by all. The lime again was central to the work load but fertilser also continues to pay its way. The k105 was getting ready for its next overhaul and it has been thoroughly washed down and brought into the work shop. Looks like new belt and bearings through out, which is what it will get as we never scrimp where maintenance is required and this ensures less down time during our busy spells.

We hope summer brings a good harvest for everyone and please.... keep applying lime. Thanks

December 2016

     Well 2016 has proved to be a busy year with weather all over the place and politics bringing plenty of surprises and uncertanties but the farming community knuckles down and continues as always.

     As for us well farm track repairs have been steady but worthwhile as has the grassland subsoiling. Fertiliser spreading was tough as the dairy industry was still suffering at the begining of the year but our customers stayed loyal and hopefully we stayed as competative as possible whilst still supplying a valuable service.

     The soil testing as ever is impotant to us and that has grown again this year not only pH testing and broad spectrum analysis but doing more pcn testing than ever and as the EU continue to clamp down or ban the use of certain pesticides and nematicides then more importance is placed on the monitoring of pcn numbers.

     Lime spreading as always is the core business and both the Bredal k105 and gustrower GDK9.000t have been kept busy right up until our last days spreading this year on the 21st December spreading 57t of Limex for a diary farmer in Cheshire.

     We would like to take this oppertunity to say thankyou to all our customers, suppliers and business partners and wish you all a happy christmas and prosperous new year.

     All the best from Andrew, David and Graham!


July 2016

     The beginning of the year has been quite eventful and busier than we had expected.

     The spring seemed long and wet and the lime sector was continuous but arduous with soft conditions underfoot. Fertiliser got off to and early start and we thought the season would be steady but with more requests for farm drives and tracks to be repaired or graded it kept us all busy. A few workshop jobs and machine maintenance before harvest soon brought us into July and the anticipation of harvest was upon us.

     One other minor change was the chance sale of our oldest and smallest lime spreader and the retirement (from lime spreading only!!!) of David Dutton. Since buying the Gustrower GDK9.000t we can cope with lime spreading demand and a chance enquiry regarding one of our Bredal spreaders brought the decision to sell to a head. David is still an integral part of the business and is now concentrating on soil sampling and increasing our farm track repair division. 

Happy Harvest to everyone and hope all goes smoothly.

February 2016

Below is a link to the latest link to an article in the farmers guardian on us and the Gustrower GDK 9.000

December 2015

An average harvest with commodity prices low and the feeling in the agricultural market quite subdued, we found ourselves busy but not pushed. Lime as always seems to be an input that is not classed as a necessity and when times are hard its one of the first to be left until next year. Having said this we have spread a vast array of products both dry and wet and all spreaders have coped admirably including the gustrower gdk 9.000.

We had a good autumn with the sumo GLS covering 340 acres and recieving very positive feedback from previous years. It takes a while to see results from grassland subsoiling but they are all coming to fruition now with customers reporting extended grazing seasons and greater health and yield benefits. The gls has undergone a few minor customisations and a full service including new front discs, roll on 2016.

The bogballe has performed well and continues to provide our cutomers with an excellent, accurate and efficient spreading service.

Farm track restoration continues to be one of our main sidelines and is still the most effective way to reinstate old farm drives and tracks suitable for cars, farm traffic and livestock. using the excavator to clear ditches and the edges of tracks to further improve drainage only enhances the service.

Andrew and David Dutton Ltd would like to take this oppertunity to thank all its customers and wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!!



August 2015

Harvest has got off too a good start even if the weather has been a bit hit and miss, but with fields being cleared at a good pace it gave us chance to put some different types of lime through the new gustrower. The spreader has so far spread accurately and with good spread patterns. It travels well on the road and excellently in the field with a maximum payload of around 16t of lime and very low ground pressure per tyre. So far all the products have been dry and flowed nicely, It will be interesting to put some damper materials through.

Keep watching for further updates.

Cereals 2015

Our new Gustrower lime spreader, the GDK 9.000 has arrived in the country and was taken directly to Cereals 2015 where it was on show on the Ryetec stand. Unfortunately there wasn't time to fit the KTS crane before the show however  Mark Harrison of Ryetec kindly invited us down for the day where we were able, for the first time, to cast or eyes over our latest purchase and we weren't dissapointed.

We had designed the machine in our heads over six months ago and Gustrower have been able to manufacture a machine with the capacity, low ground pressure and manoeuvrabilty that we requested.

It comprises the slatted chain drive floor and rear end spreading equipment that Gustrower fit to their other machines and also the twin boggie axle off their chaser bins. On our request they have fitted 750/60 R 30.5 tyres on the front axle and 650/65 R30.5 tyres on the rear axle set to the same outside width as the fronts. This allows the greatest footprint at the narrowest width possible but still allowing the rear axle to reach its tightest turning angle to allow access to some of the narrow gateways and fields we encounter.

The machine has a capacity of 9m3 (approx 15t lime)

Ryetec are going to fit a KTS crane with clam shell and electric joystic controls in the cab next week.

Can't wait to see the finshed project and get testing in the field.

Once again many thanks to Gustrower, Mark Harrison and his team for all their hard work so far.

For more info on Ryetec follow this link:



April 2015

A cold, windy start to the spring but with the ground underfoot still retaining moisture has made for a tricky time. Plenty of work around applying lime for all the spring sown crops and first applications of nitrogen on grass land keeps us busy.

The Transpread machine has been sold and is due to be collected at the end of this month but is still being used daily, and the final specification for the gustrower was made back in early March and delivery is due at the end of May.


The jcb excavator has been put to work both in our yard and also on hire to some local customers, proving to be and worthy investment.


A few early jobs in the season for the GLS and a couple of farm track repair enquiries.


Valtra had an open evening and invited us down to look at the new 'T' series and we were pleasantly surprised. No tractors to be replaced this year but always good to keep an open mind. Wouldn't mind looking at the new JCB 4000 series too.


Looking forward to a good summer and the arrival of our new Gustrower GDK 9.000


December 2014

With winter truely upon us we're still busy spreading small amounts of prilled lime and bulk lime as well as routine maintence in the workshop, tractor servicing and minor spreader repairs.


We have recently taken aquesition of a 5t JCB 8045 excavator and this lead to a small workshop project involving the modification of one of our trailers into a purpose built excavator transport trailer also capable of neatly storing all attachmets. For more info visit our digger hire page or our workshop projects page.


Our other winter project is to upgrade our oldest spreader, the Transpread 830. We will be looking to move to a larger capcity spreader equiped with the latest variable rate and GPS technology and possibly fitted with a twin axle. Will we be fitting a crane to it as we have done with all our other spreaders.


Keep watching for our progress.

August 2014

Finally after a very busy spring and not a week going by where we wern't spreading one thing or another we had chance to do our annual spreader maintenance. Full strip down of each machine and replace wearing parts sees all three lime spreaders ready for action.

A good thing as the season gets off too an usually early start and by the frist week in August were well underway with lime spreading but with customers still demanding fertiliser spreading, grassland subsoiling and track repair its not the usual gentle start to the season.

Lets hope the harvest goes well for all. Next update later in the season.

May 2014

Spring has been wet but very busy. As usual lots of lime going on ploughing and grass land as well as stubbles.

Subsoiling has seen some new customers coming on board streching from shropshire into Staffordshire and up to Cheshire. Predominantly long term leys or grazing paddocks and average days covering 35acres has seen the sumo GLS become an important area within the business and results thus far look promising.

The new addition is the Bogballe M3W fertiliser spreader and so far it has covererd some 4000acres without a hitch. Its acurracy and large hopper size have seen productivity rise significantly with crops looking lush and even whilst maximising the customers product and also making savings.

Orders for our spreading veins has steadily increased and wear rates are exceeding expectations making then the most cost effective ones in the market. Contact us now to place your order. 

16th December 2013

New to our line up is a Bogballe M3W plus with dynamic system control.

It replaces our 10 year old Amazone fertilser spreader which has served us very well.

Using the Bogballe and our experience we can offer the most upto date thechnology incorporating weigh cells, the trend spreading system and automatic gps headland control combing to ensure that we place the correct amount of product in the correct area of the field with minimal to no overlapping.

Add to that the increased hopper capacity then we are able to offer an ever improved timely and cost effective service.

Many thanks to Mike Britton at KRM and their team for supplying the machine.

November 2013

An order has been placed for a Bogballe M3W plus fertilser spreader.

May 2013



Over the years we have tried various products and differing ways of hardening or increasing the life span of the spreading discs and flights or veins on our spreaders.

We are now in the position of being able to provide our own specialist discs and hard wearing flights  or veins. 

The flights will on average last upto 3 times longer than standard flights and therefore alieviate the need for hard facing or builing up consistently. It also ensures your spinners are always well balanced and there is less down time during the spreading season. 

For more information please contact Andrew on 07976973480

Grassland Susoiling.

On the 22nd Novemebr 2012 Andrew & David Dutton Ltd took delivery of their new 5 leg Sumo grassland subsoiler further adding to their line-up machinery producing a top quality service at affordable prices.

Many Thanks to Jason Talbot of Grimme uk (Sumo dealer) for supplying the machine.

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