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Fertiliser Spreading

It was a logical step to offer a fertiliser spreading arm to the business utilising our knowledge of GPS guidance, equipment and variable rate technology.

We operate a top spec 4000 litre Bogballe M3W plus spreader equiped with the auto-switch fully automatic gps headland spreading system, dynamic section control and weigh cells.

Using dynamic system control and fully automatic auto-switch headland control we can ensure accurate and precise product placement making savings FOR YOU of between 5 & 10% and producing more even crops resulting in less lodging, better quality and higher yields.

Our current GPS system works in conjunction with auto-switch and dynamic section control to automatically turn the spreader on and off at the headland as well reducing the spreadwidth and application rate as short work is encountered in irregular shaped fields. The system works by using the weigh cells to monitor and reduce the application rate and also by altering the drop on point where fertliser comes onto the disc. This means that the spreader works similar to that of a boom on a sprayer and means less over and under application in short/narrow ground, It also takes the guess work out of it for the operater and becomes a much more accurate system.







This image shows how the dynamic section control alters the spread width and rate in an irregular shaped field



The auto-switch works in conjuction with our exicsting GPS system to automatically turn the spreader on and off at correct time on the headlands.

The red dots are the turn off point and the green dots are the turn on point.

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Soil testing

We provide a full comprehensive soil sampling/testing service.







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