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Workshop projects

All of our team combine their skills and experience to maintain or repair machinery which help enhance or improve the service provided by our company. We will undertake most workshop duties from the most routine of services to major overhauls and also the creation of innovative new ideas.

Below are a few examples of some of the indivual pieces of machinery we have built ourselves over the years to help improve our buisiness.

Our latest project....

Gustrower modification

Our gustrower spreader is excepionally well balanced but as the spreader empties you can occasionally find minimal weight on the tractor drawbar. We have plenty of power on the front in a fendt 724 and wanted to be able to add weight for traction but only at certain times and we didn't want to be hauling unnecessary weight around all the time. The answer - add weight to the front of the spreader. We have achieved this by installing a hydraulic gate half way down the hopper, leaving it closed initially to empty the rear of the spredaer first thus increasing the weight on the drawbarand then gradually opening the gate to allow the rest of the hopper to empty.

This picture shows the finished product of our alteration. This is to hold material in the front of the spreader to tranfer weight onto the drawbar of the tractor for improved traction on steep and wet ground. When the door is opened the front of the hopper empties as normal

Fendt 724 cab brackets

We always fit out the tractors with our own equipment and brackets. Below are some pictures of the latest brackets fitted to our new Fendt 724. They include basic mounts for guidance screens and accessories and more specific arm rest brackets for our lime spreaders.

Front Blade.


A very simple yet effective front mounted blade used for leveling or tidying up the sites where lime has been tipped. 

The blade frame has also been design to pick-up a 1/2 ton weight for draft work or to allow better traction where required.

The final part of the blade is an integral toolbox.

Adjustable Front Blade/Counter Balance.


The next progression from our standard front blade was the counter balance weight / front blade.

It performs the same primary function as the standard front blade but with the added advantge that on steep groung or in tough conditions where added weight is required then you simply extend the rams and push the weight further out giving greater efficacy and more than doubling the weight transference onto the front wheels.

All the Botex cranes on our lime spreading outfits have been fitted by Andrew & David Dutton limited. This includes design of the geometry, mouting plate, legs for stabailisation, strengthening of the spreaders where or if required and also the spray paintwork.

Completed: we have now completed our first 8 ton lowloader trailer comprising a high speed comercial axle with brakes, suspension, rear wheel steering and the capacity to carry 8 tons.

The trailer will make a welcome addition to our specialist machinery lineup.

To see photos of build process please follow the link. Lowloader

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