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There are an aray of products currently available on the market offering varying PH values and nutrient levels.

We see it as part of our service to use our experience to assess each product, checking its chemical & physical claims, and to see how accurately they can be spread. We are constantly searching for and investigating new products allowing you the customer to use the most suitable and cost effective solution to your needs.

Below is a list of the more common products and a benefit asociated with that product. Should you be interested in any product not down on the list please don't hesitate in getting in contact with us to discuss availablity, cost and any other requirement you should have.

  • Calcium Lime -5 different sources from slow release to instant availability.
  • Magnesium Lime - Cheapest way to increase Mag index essential for crop growth and animal health.
  • Fibrophos - P & K blend with many trace elements.
  • Limex 70 - Burnt Derby lime with significant levels of P & Sulphur.
  • Basic slag - Ideal on grassland containing lime, Phophate and trace elements.
  • Gypsum - Sulphur & Calcium - improves soil structure and nutrient availbility especially in high Mag soils.
  • Fertiliser - Bulk P & K only top sp5 rated grades used.
  • Salt - Improves grass palatability for around £7/ac spread.
  • Ultra Fine Lime - High grade Derbyshire lime, slightly damp but with significant cost savings.
  • Prilled lime - Agents for Calcium & Magnesium prills for you or us to spread.


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